“A timely addition to the growing chorus of voices calling for a moratorium on unbridled technological 'progress'”

Toby Newton, Head of School, ICHK Secondary

Screens That Eat Children by Ross Parker

Living, parenting and teaching in an age of digital devices.

How did we end up with a device in every pocket, a screen in every hand?

How did childhood change from a time of relative freedom, to a period of electronic tethering? This book invites you to rethink the story of digital technology, and to ponder how we came to build a global machine that eats childhood.

Written by Ross Parker, educator and technologist, and based on research, professional experience and personal anecdote, this book raises questions around how we choose to raise and educate our young, and points to ways to live better in an age of ubiquitous devices.

About the Author

Ross Parker is the Director of Technology & Assessment at International College Hong Kong, a small, innovative school in the North East of Hong Kong’s New Territories. Born in Hong Kong to Austrian and English parents during the final years of Britain’s empire, Ross has lived most of his life in a state of identity confusion.

As an educator, Ross is passionate about making learning a positive, anxiety-free process centred around personal transformation. Once an enthusiastic advocate for the role of technology in education, and in life, he has gradually become increasingly sceptical, and now chooses his tools very carefully. In the search of better ways to use technology, Ross founded Gibbon, the open source school platform, through which he has also developed the Free Learning pedagogy. Ross believes that education should focus on learning to learn through choice, rather than simply studying content to pass an exam.

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